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Darkroom Lesson

Darkroom Lesson

$ 150.00

Darkroom Printing Lessons - Private step by step walk through of black and white printing in the darkroom with Artist Brittany Markert.

*Includes chemical set up (additional fees for prints larger than 11x14), archival washing and overnight drying and hot pressing. Darkroom set up for 5x7-20x24 prints and 35mm-4x5 negatives. Please email to confirm date/times (booking calendar under construction)


1. Walk through printing 1 negative into a final exhibition quality fiber print. 3 hours ($150)

2. Crash Course on Printing Techniques & Darkroom Basics + Printing 1 Negative from start to finish. 5 hours ($250)

3. Custom Full Day Darkroom Lesson. 8-10 hours ($350)