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In Rooms Vol.2 Pre-Sale

Early Goal $4000! (to order collector's editions)
Total Goal: $24,000 !!! 
 Funded: $2025

Hello Everyone! In Rooms Volume 2 (2016-2017) is almost finished with production! This time I have some exciting upgrades! Of course, my book is almost double the cost of last time, but I value quality.  With your early help I can fund the costs for producing my collector's edition slipcases & clamshell boxes and determine if I will make 300-500 limited edition copies. I am doing a soft pre-sale here before trying Indiegogo/etc because they take a fee and every dollar helps!


1. Tipped-in glossy Image on Cover

2. Sturdier Cover

3. Black Truffle paper lining (instead of red)

4. Offset Printing WITH GLOSS VARNISH!!! (higher quality printing with gloss varnish added on images to resemble my prints)

5. Shipped in sturdy cardboard boxes!!! (upgrade to anyone that ordered an early copy of vol.1 and received it in a padded mailer)


1. 20 Limited Edition Black linen slip case to hold both volumes!!! Comes with tipped in glossy image on cover of slip case. ***if you have a collectors edition from last year and would like a slipcase to hold 1 book, please message me

2. 3-5 (depending on pre-orders) Collectors edition Clampshell Boxes in Deep Burgundy Velvet. Recessed area with Book wrapped in ribbon on the left. Recessed area with signed 8x10 print on the right. Secret Compartment under book with objects (yes!)