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Updates with In Rooms Vol. III

UPDATES (July 2023) - 'Vol III'

Current Funding: $10,500

My sincerest apologies for the delay with updates on this project . I appreciate all of your support, patience, and pre-orders. As a brand and business I pride myself on quality and following through with my promises. When this pre-order launched, I had every reason to believe this book would be finished in the same way my other editions had previously. This book presented more difficulties and challenges than I had anticipated. I could not fund the $18000 estimate and despite thousands of hours invested over 5 years, I could not publish and edit this book in the way I had originally envisioned. I cannot tell you how disappointed I have been with myself and how devastated I have been at the thought of disappointing all of you.

My collectable Volumes are presented in chronological order and feature a larger collection of works. During the years of 2018-2021 (the years of Vol. III), we were unexpectedly hit with the pandemic. I choose to go on a path of deep healing and face my history of suicidal ideation through intensive weekly therapy. The work published in chronological order proved to be very difficult for me to relive. Unfortunately I spiraled most times I tried to finish this book and for my mental health I kept stepping away. This in addition to the lack of funding waned on my mental health to the point that I wanted to walk away from In Rooms entirely. No matter how hard or long I tried to edit it in chronological order like my previous editions, I could not get the book to work up to my standards in a way that would protect me from touring and reliving the work for the years to follow. 

This is difficult for me to finally express in words and this decision to not move forward with my original plan has not been taken lightly. I was left with the option to finish this book the way I had intended and put myself an incredible financial risk, not publish this book and refund all of you or find another solution.

I am incredibly grateful that after years of patience, thoughtful consideration of my work, your experience with the books and the oeuvre of In Rooms, I have found an alternative solution.

I decided to not move forward with publishing the original Vol. III for the time being and instead publish a survey of works from 2019-2023 with a diary/interview section in the back. I edited the original 130 page Vol. III to 66 pages that also includes work after Vol. III. This book will serve as a sequel to the portfolio book and include what I believe were the most impactful parts and best works of Vol. III. Included in the back, similarly to Vol. II & the portfolio book, will be an interview section with diary entires, notes, handwritten statements and unpublished parts of my journal. 

In Rooms (2019-2023) is a book I'm beyond thrilled about delivering to you and I hope despite the wait, anticipation and any disappointment of Vol. III you are equally excited to enjoy this book. With the decrease in size from Vol. III, I am also mostly funded to print this book and can cover the initial deposit and remaining expenses through a loan or additional pre-orders.

Technical Specifications:

66 pages, Hardback, offset printing with gloss varnish

Cover: ( currently a surprise until final layout approved)

** Your current pre-order of Vol. III will entitled you to a copy of In Rooms 2019-2023. When the price of this new book is finalized, you have the option to donate the extra amount you paid toward publishing the book or I can refund you.

Thank you kindly for your support and patience, please email additional questions or concerns to



Original Writing, December 2020:

In Rooms Volume III (2018-2021)  

Greetings my dearest ones! The portal is now open to pre-order In Rooms Vol. III, the third installment and limited edition book in the In Rooms series. Your early orders help us fund the deposit to the book printer and in return we offer you discounted prices and special offers including having your name in the book!  My goal is to raise the deposit $9-12K by March 2022 and the remainder upon completion (June/July 2022)

I am beyond thrilled to present to you the third installment, four years of excavation into the mind presented in chronological order accompanied with my diary series, contact sheets, journal entires and other writing. 

In Rooms Vol. III picks up where the beloved In Rooms Vol. II left off. This book is incredibly special to me, it is moving, surprising, healing, provocative, and if anything, it is human. If I'm frank with you, it's hard to believe we made it to this moment.  I struggled to make it to the end of Volume II and here we are four years later in the middle of a never ending pandemic. Every day we choose growth, healing, perseverance and curiosity instead of giving up in these difficult circumstances. I truly hope this book can add inspiration, feeling, joy and curiosity to your life.