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Pre-Order In Rooms Vol. III (2018-2021)
Pre-Order In Rooms Vol. III (2018-2021)
Pre-Order In Rooms Vol. III (2018-2021)
Pre-Order In Rooms Vol. III (2018-2021)
Pre-Order In Rooms Vol. III (2018-2021)
Pre-Order In Rooms Vol. III (2018-2021)
Pre-Order In Rooms Vol. III (2018-2021)

Pre-Order In Rooms Vol. III (2018-2021)

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** Pre-Sale** 

** due to funding there are delays in production, currently at 11K, need 18K to fund** (October 2022)

In Rooms Volume III (2018-2021)  

Greetings my dearest ones! The portal is now open to pre-order In Rooms Vol. III, the third installment and limited edition book in the In Rooms series. Your early orders help us fund the deposit to the book printer and in return we offer you discounted prices and special offers including having your name in the book!  My goal is to raise the deposit $9-12K by March 2022 and the remainder upon completion (June/July 2022)

I am beyond thrilled to present to you the third installment, four years of excavation into the mind presented in chronological order accompanied with my diary series, contact sheets, journal entires and other writing. 

In Rooms Vol. III picks up where the beloved In Rooms Vol. II left off. This book is incredibly special to me, it is moving, surprising, healing, provocative, and if anything, it is human. If I'm frank with you, it's hard to believe we made it to this moment.  I struggled to make it to the end of Volume II and here we are four years later in the middle of a never ending pandemic. Every day we choose growth, healing, perseverance and curiosity instead of giving up in these difficult circumstances. I truly hope this book can add inspiration, feeling, joy and curiosity to your life. 

Technical Specifications
hardcover - black linen bound - embossed cover- black foil stamping on spine
130-150 pages - digital offset printing 
first edition, 2022
limited edition 300-500 copies (depending on Pre-Sale)
printed and bound by Small Editions NYC

Themes: gender, identity, mental health, sexuality, the body, the process of individuation (writings of Carl Jung), alchemical processes, and other secrets. This book would an 'r' rating so it is advised for those 18+. I recommend the portfolio book for high school students. 

*A lot of my work for this volume is not on social media because of guidelines and in an effort to preserve some secrecy I have kept work hidden to be exclusive to this book. As many of you are aware, the book is designed as an experience between film and literature. In chronological order, the viewer is invited to experience the work and its messages told over time. This book is the only way to collect all of my work between these years

*Collector's Edition (12) includes slipcase with tipped in image, signed Vol. III & signed limited edition contact sheet unique to this edition

* Release Date Fall 2022 - I will update this as the production advances, it could be earlier but I'd rather be safe and say Sept/Oct.

Other Ways You Can Help

Thank you again for taking the time to read this through and show support. In addition to ordering the book or contributing other donations it would greatly help if you share this pre-order link on social media outlets. 

With Love,

Brittany Markert

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Directed & Printed by Brittany Markert

The content of this book is a mixture of self portraiture and collaborative work. I would not have been able to communicate this narrative without the contributions of my incredible cast, assistants and others who provided locations, props and wardrobe

Cast: Becca Stone, Merta Olson, Brittany Markert, Nicole Absher, Josie Yeager, Devon Rawlings, Sigrid Sarda, Krucial the Klown, Luzifer Priest, Charles Rehill, Adamae, Elysian Fields, Christa Ougel, Madison Hurley

Assistance: John Zarsky

Hair: Chris Guidry

Inspirations for this project include: The Yellow Wallpaper, Francesca Woodman, Diane Arbus, Vivian Maier, Claude Cahun, Joel Peter Witkin, Hans Bellmer, Maya Deren, the writings of Carl Jung, Francis Bacon, Duane Michals, Lauren Simonutti, Steven Arnold, Anais Nin, to name a few...